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You vs. Wild

You vs. Wild

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03 JAN 2024

Elliot Aronow

The Empire Strikes Back Edition

The sequel to one of the most profitable, kid-friendly movies of all time, regarded as the best film in the entire Star Wars series and often included in round-ups of the greatest films ever made.

24 AUG 2021

Matthew Specktor

The Mass Market Paperback Edition

A complex literary novel by Shirley Hazzard.

11 JUL 2022

Yang-Yi Goh

The Monday Media Diet with Yang-Yi Goh

The first book in Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove tetralogy.

27 SEP 2023

Ben Young

The Interactive TV Edition

An interactive Netflix TV show where viewers make decisions for Bear Grylls in life-or-death situations.

14 NOV 2022

Rafa Jimenez

The Monday Media Diet With Rafa Jimenez

An Arthurian novel with magical creatures by Kazuo Ishiguro, reflecting on humanity and culture.

07 SEP 2021

Anna Whiteman

The Monday Media Diet with Anna Whiteman

Dark comedy fiction about a boy growing up in Ireland during the Troubles, fumbling his way through discovering his true identity.

27 DEC 2021

Daniela Elbahara

The Monday Media Diet with Daniela Elbahara

A book by Zigmund Bauman discussing the nature of modern life and society.

12 NOV 2021

Rick Webb

The Taylor's Version Edition

A completely re-recorded version of Taylor Swift's album 'Fearless', as part of her project to re-record her Big Machine-owned back catalog.

28 NOV 2023

Colin Nagy

The Slowdive and Gen Z Edition

An album by Slowdive, mentioned as having a distinct teenage quality, appreciated by new generations.

28 AUG 2023

Matthew Schnipper

The Monday Media Diet with Matthew Schnipper

A book by Nell Zink, described as having every sentence wild and being a beautiful story.

10 APR 2023

Brooke Black

The Monday Media Diet with Brooke Black

A historical novel about the life of Korean female divers (haenyeo) from the island of Jeju by Lisa See.

16 JAN 2024

Colin Nagy

The [Tuesday] Media Diet with Laura Reilly

A book by Robert T. Kiyosaki that advocates the importance of financial literacy, financial independence, and building wealth through investing in assets.

31 JUL 2023

Mimi Turner

The Monday Media Diet with Mimi Turner

One of the foundational texts of European literature, it explores themes of glory, wrath, and heroism through the Trojan War.

23 MAR 2021

Nick Parish

The Dam Edition

Fictional story where Chief Brompton experiences the fracturing of his culture at the mechanistic levers of the Combine.

26 APR 2021

Jason Stewart

The Monday Media Diet with Jason Stewart aka Them Jeans

An app combining social media with a fishing resource, where users can share their catches and discover where and when fish are biting.

17 JAN 2023

Colin Nagy

The [Tuesday] Media Diet with Tom Whitwell

A book by David Graeber and David Wengrow that offers a vision of how people lived, thought, and achieved things 10,000 years ago. It provides an optimistic view of how civilization might be different in the future.

31 MAR 2022

Colin Nagy

The Plastikman Edition

A reimagining of Plastikman’s 1998 magnum opus ‘Consumed’, TRANSFORMED as a new collaborative composition between original artist Richie Hawtin and pianist Chilly Gonzales.

08 JAN 2024

Maria Shollenbarger

The Monday Media Diet with Maria Shollenbarger

A book by Anne Enright that explores complex and uncomfortable feelings endemic to mother-daughter relationships.

16 OCT 2023

Russell Davies

The Monday Media Diet with Russell Davies

A book by Ruth Ozeki that reframes concepts of love, cognition, hoarding, objects, and obesity.

09 MAR 2023

Stephanie Balzer

The Game Creator Edition

A children's book discussing the hypothetical battle between a Komodo dragon and a King Cobra, encouraging discussion and speculation.

05 JAN 2024

Colin Nagy

The Pen Edition

A fountain pen that made the user a convert to fountain pens.

30 OCT 2023

Aliya Khan

The Monday Media Diet with Aliya Khan

A novel by Geetanjali Shree, translated by Daisy Rockwell. It presents a distinct narrative on the partition stories from the Indian Subcontinent, highlighted for its sarcasm and the potential ability to imagine parts of the narrative in Urdu/Hindi as they might have sounded in the untranslated version.

06 NOV 2023
24 MAY 2021

Casey Lewis

The Monday Media Diet with Casey Lewis

A book by Rachel Khong, mentioned as a perfect little book that the author would read anything by Rachel Khong including.

23 OCT 2023

Sami Reiss

The Monday Media Diet with Sami Reiss

A Maigret novel where the renowned Parisian detective solves a murder case involving a successful wine merchant killed outside a cathouse in Paris' 16e. Maigret searches for and finds the killer while nursing the flu.

07 AUG 2023

Philip Sherburne

The Monday Media Diet with Philip Sherburne

A grim kaleidoscope of a novel, cycling through numerous perspectives, each one gradually filling the outline of a world marked by hardship and violence, painting a truly terrible picture of the misogyny (and classism, and racism, but especially misogyny, intertwined with homophobia) at the heart of contemporary Mexican culture.

In this interactive series, you'll make key decisions to help Bear Grylls survive, thrive and complete missions in the harshest environments on Earth. Starring Bear Grylls and earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Original Interactive Program.

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