Rick Webb

Rick Webb

Rick Webb is a co-founder of The Barbarian Group, a prolific writer, thinker, podcaster, and consumer of media. Known for his unique ability to think and speak in bullet points, Webb has delved into a variety of topics from advertising economics to music licensing, bringing a critical and insightful perspective to the digital media landscape.


12 NOV 2021
Red (Taylor's Version) ☕️🧣✨
Red (Taylor's Version) ☕️🧣✨

A completely re-recorded version of Taylor Swift's album 'Red', the third album she recorded during an extraordinarily productive pandemic period.

23 MAR 2021
You vs. Wild
You vs. Wild

A completely re-recorded version of Taylor Swift's album 'Fearless', as part of her project to re-record her Big Machine-owned back catalog.


16 JUN 2023
Why is Chapel Hill Interesting?

On vibes, higher learning, and Southern hospitality

12 NOV 2021
The Taylor's Version Edition

On music, rights, and re-recording

09 APR 2021
The Apple ATT Edition

On privacy, app tracking, and attribution

15 JUL 2020
Why is this interesting? - The Ad Economics Edition

On marketing, meaning, and what makes an ad an ad

13 NOV 2019
Why is this interesting? - The Digital Advertising Edition

On marketing, endogeneity, and Wanamaker’s Dilemma

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