Ben Young

Ben Young

Ben Young is a Kiwi entrepreneur and media thinker, founder of Nudge, a company that enhances brand engagement through digital analytics. He is recognized for analyzing how platforms, marketing strategies, and content quality intersect in the media landscape.


19 MAR 2024
Explorers Journal, Volumes 36-39

An account featured in the December 1958 edition of the Explorers Journal, recounting Tom Slick Jr.'s expedition to the upper Arun Valley of the Himalayas in search of evidence of the Yeti's existence.

23 MAR 2021
You vs. Wild
You vs. Wild

An interactive Netflix TV show where viewers make decisions for Bear Grylls in life-or-death situations.

15 MAY 2019
The Grand Tour Will Return For A Fourth Season (Updated: And It'll Be Travel Specials With No Studio)

A show featuring the Top Gear team embarking on various challenges and adventures, initially focused on the regular Top Gear format of in-studio guests and celebrity track races but later evolving to place more emphasis on big challenges or adventures based on viewer preferences.

15 MAY 2019
Slow television

A series designed for a world of content abundance, focusing on slow and immersive experiences.


19 MAR 2024
The Explorers Club Edition

On Yeti chasing, nepo babies, and storytelling.

27 SEP 2023
The Interactive TV Edition

On choices, Bear, and hybrids

23 JUN 2023
Why is Queenstown interesting?

On mountains, wines, and adventure

29 JUN 2021
The One Euro House Edition

On real estate, Italy, and skepticism

15 MAY 2019
Why is this interesting? - The Prime Video Edition

On Amazon, algorithms, and the tension between data and creativity

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