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TinyTV® 2 with Tiny Remote

TinyTV® 2 with Tiny Remote

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06 JUL 2024

Noah Brier

The Saturday Selection, Vol. 10

Tiny TV, even tinier remote.

The TinyTV® 2 is the cutest way to watch your favorite videos and full-length movies. It is fully assembled, comes preloaded with videos, and works right out of the box. Adjust the volume and surf between channels by turning the knobs on the TinyTV 2 or by using the included Tiny Remote control. The TinyTV® 2 comes in a beautiful plastic case, has a rechargeable battery, 2 rotary knobs for channel and, volume control, an ON/OFF switch. The TinyTV® 2 is available in both a classic brown TV color and clear plastic. Note: This does not receive over-the-air television content, nor can it wirelessly livestream.

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