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The Dystopian Future of TV Is AI-Generated 'FAST' Garbage

The Dystopian Future of TV Is AI-Generated 'FAST' Garbage

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25 APR 2024

Scott Lachut

The Women’s Sports Boom Edition

An early glimpse of our AI-generated media hellscape provided by TCL, the second largest TV manufacturer in the world.

TCL's new AI-generated movie "Next Stop Paris" is the next evolution in the algorithmification of TV. The romantic comedy is filled with jarring visual errors common in AI-generated images and suffers from issues like inconsistent character appearance across scenes, poor lip-synching, and flawed walking animations. Chris Regina, the chief content officer for TCL, highlighted that the movie still involved human writers, actors, and animators, and is not seeking to replace people. Despite these flaws, TCLtv+, the free digital TV service distributing the movie, exemplifies the ongoing trend in the TV industry: the integration of free, ad-supported TV (FAST) channels focused on target advertising, often at the expense of content quality.

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