Noah Brier | July 6, 2024

The Saturday Selection, Vol. 10

Including a child-avoiding magician, AI's personality, and getting your ex back.

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TinyTV® 2 with Tiny Remote
TinyTV® 2 with Tiny Remote

Tiny TV, even tinier remote.

Every day, WITI’s group chats buzz with fresh links. As part of our new Saturday send for paid readers, we’re rounding up 11 of the best.

It’s WITI, on the weekend.

Why Are These Interesting?

Professional athletes have super-complicated tax returns. This guy can help. (Vox)

Enter: ProSport CPA.

Secrets of the Magus (New Yorker)

From April 1993, this profile of stage magician Ricky Jay is one of The New Yorker’s all-time great gifts to readers.

TinyTV 2 (Tiny Circuits)

Tiny TV, even tinier remote.

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