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The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky: A True Story

The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky: A True Story

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02 JUL 2019

Colin Nagy

Why is this interesting? - The Patrick Radden Keefe Edition

A book by Ken Dornstein about the brother of one of the Lockerbie Bombing victims cracking the case.

The "hugely satisfying" story (The Boston Globe) of one man’s search for the truth about his brother—and himself. David Dornstein was twenty-five years old, with dreams of becoming a great writer, when he boarded Pan Am Flight 103 on December 21, 1988. Thirty-eight minutes after takeoff, a terrorist bomb ripped the plane apart over Lockerbie, Scotland. Almost a decade later, Ken Dornstein set out to solve the riddle of his older brother’s life, using the notebooks and manuscripts that David left behind. In the process, he also began to create a new life of his own.

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