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Other Music Documentary

Other Music Documentary

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09 SEP 2019

Colin Nagy

Why is this interesting? - The Deleted Years Edition

A documentary about the influential New York City music store Other Music, which closed in 2016 after 20 years of being a hub for indie music.

In the summer of 2016, New York City lost a beloved and influential hub of independent music culture. Other Music--located on East 4th Street between Broadway and Lafayette in the heart of Manhattan's East Village neighborhood--was more than just a store that sold CDs, records, tapes and magazines. It was a place where bands were formed, record labels were born and careers were launched. Other Music was where a generation of New Yorkers at the dawn of the Internet age went to discover groundbreaking music by artists who would go on to become household names and underground icons. As the music industry moves towards streaming and community hubs like Other Music struggle to remain in existence, the documentary celebrates what spaces like these have meant to past generations and how their spirit can live on in an increasingly digital world.

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