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Original 1227 Task Lamp

Original 1227 Task Lamp

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05 DEC 2021

Colin Nagy

The Executive Edition (12/05/21)

A task lamp useful for work from home setups.

For years, George Carwardine worked as an automobile engineer for Horstmann Cars Limited, working on vehicle suspension systems. When the company went bankrupt in 1929, he seized the opportunity to explore a longstanding fascination with spring- and lever-based mechanisms, establishing a workshop at his home in Bath, England, and began work on the design that would cement his legacy. After chancing upon a new kind of spring, he developed the blueprint for a groundbreaking articulating lamp that would combine flexibility with stability, and Original 1227 (1935) was born. This iconic lamp features an Anglepoise constant spring tension mechanism for spot-on positioning. Bulb (included): 13W/E26 CFL. UL Listed. Backed by a lifetime warranty. Made in China.

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