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Nothing to See Here: A Read with Jenna Pick

Nothing to See Here: A Read with Jenna Pick

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26 OCT 2022
09 MAR 2020

Charlie Warzel

Why is this interesting? - The Monday Media Diet with Charlie Warzel

A novel about twins with a rare condition that makes them spontaneously combust.

24 DEC 2019

Noah Brier

Why is this interesting? - The Certainty Edition

A novel about two kids who self-combust. Described as wholly original and perfect, the book offers a fast-paced and delightful read.

12 AUG 2021

Noah Brier

The NYC Hoops Edition

A novel by Kevin Wilson, described as very enjoyable.

"Nothing to See Here" is a novel about a woman who finds meaning in her life when she begins caring for two children with a remarkable ability. Lillian and Madison were unlikely roommates and yet inseparable friends at their elite boarding school. Years later, Lillian gets a letter from Madison pleading for her help with Madison's twin stepkids who spontaneously combust when they get agitated. Over one humid summer, Lillian and the twins learn to trust each other while also staying out of the way of Madison’s politician husband. Surprised by her own ingenuity and feeling protective, Lillian begins to accept that she needs these strange children as much as they need her—urgently and fiercely. With white-hot wit and a big, tender heart, Kevin Wilson has written his best book yet—a most unusual story of parental love.

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