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More Than Human

More Than Human

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16 JUL 2021

Noah Brier

The Scenius Edition

A 1953 sci-fi novel that inspired Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead. The novel features a band of exceptional people 'bleshing' their consciousness to create a super-being.

More Than Human is a 1953 science fiction novel by American writer Theodore Sturgeon. It is a revision and expansion of his previously published novella Baby Is Three, which is bracketed by two additional parts written for the novel ('The Fabulous Idiot' and 'Morality'). The novel concerns the coming together of six extraordinary people with strange powers who are able to 'blesh' (blend and mesh) their abilities together, acting as one organism and progressing toward a mature gestalt consciousness, called the homo gestalt, the next step in human evolution.

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