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Handwoven Palm 'Icpalli' Lounge Chair Made in Mexico from LUTECA

Handwoven Palm 'Icpalli' Lounge Chair Made in Mexico from LUTECA

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28 OCT 2019

Colin Nagy

Why is this interesting? - The Tule Edition

Intricately woven furniture based on pre-Hispanic techniques, part of Txt.ure's initial collection.

From a craft object to relevant design, these special pieces, made in Mexico, were created to add warmth and texture to your interior. Intended for indoor or covered outdoor use, they are a reminder of the incredible workmanship and know-how passed down through generations and generations, dating back as far as the Mayans. As well as fostering and adapting historical values and crafts, some of which are now almost extinct, the project is a cultural endeavor that combines the highest quality weaving skills of local master craftsmen with the preservation of endangered manufacturing technique that supports an entire village eco-system.

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