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At a Distance: 100 Visionaries at Home in a Pandemic

At a Distance: 100 Visionaries at Home in a Pandemic

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22 NOV 2021

Spencer Bailey

The Monday Media Diet with Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman

A curated selection of the best thinking and wisdom shared by leading voices about a historic pandemic year and how best to emerge from it.

In March 2020, Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman were just beginning The Slowdown, a media company that aims to make sense of a world addicted to speed, advocating for a more thoughtful and considered approach to the moment. As Covid-19 emerged and lockdowns began, a global slowdown unfolded with an immediacy neither of them could have predicted. At a Distance, a podcast of conversations focused on long-view, planetary-scale concerns, was born. Now organised as a book of 100 interviews, At a Distance provides a curated selection of the wisdom shared by the podcast’s guests. Presented in short-form narratives that capture the best thinking in an easily digestible way, the book contextualises the surrounding political, cultural, and social climate with revealing editorial commentary. Guests offer a grounding sense of context and clarity, looking at the world from angles such as public health, the climate crisis, racial inequality, and Big Tech. At once informative, intelligent, and deeply personal, At a Distance explores the dramatic changes that could be possible going forward and provides a hopeful, rationally optimistic guide toward the future.

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