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Software for Artists Book: Untethering the Web

Software for Artists Book: Untethering the Web

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27 MAR 2023

Mindy Seu

The Monday Media Diet with Mindy Seu

A collection that includes Mindy Seu's essay 'The Metaverse is a Contested Territory'.

A compendium of creative texts examining our complex and slippery relationships with new technologies. What will the internet of the future make possible? Untethering the Web explores the technologies, strategies, and anxieties that are coalescing in 2022 to shape a new digital paradigm. As naturalized citizens of today’s always-online world and as survivors of a multi-year pandemic, the need to reform our digital tools and approaches is more pressing than ever before. Evolved models for virtual convening, collective organizing, and digital ownership are making this possible, and a reckoning for the platformed web and its monolithic tech giants is beginning to feel imminent—but how will it all unfold, and what new pitfalls will emerge?

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