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20,000 Days On Earth - Nick Cave

20,000 Days On Earth - Nick Cave

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17 NOV 2020

Noah Brier

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A recommended watch for those interested in Nick Cave, as suggested in the shoutout of the day.

20,000 Days on Earth premiered at Sundance, winning two awards – both the Editing and Directing Awards in World Cinema Documentary. The jury describing the film as “being arguably the most exciting film in competition… This is documentary storytelling at it’s most visionary and mindblowing” The drama-documentary portrays a fictionalized 24 hours in the life of Nick Cave directed by Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. The film was inspired by a calculation Nick had made in his songwriting notebook working out his time on earth. Forsyth and Pollard have taken this and from it crafted an innovative and powerful film that takes us inside Nick’s artistic process and celebrates creativity.

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