Noah Brier | June 8, 2024

The Saturday Selection, Vol. 6

On the index fund bubble, AI search snafus, and new car fatigue.

Every day, WITI’s group chats buzz with fresh links. As part of our new Saturday send for paid readers, we’re rounding up 11 of the best.

It’s WITI, on the weekend.

Why Are These Interesting?

“Moveable Type” to end run in The New York Times’s lobby (NYT)

After 17 years, those 560 hypnotic, lo-fi screens will disappear in August.

Noone Wants A New Car Now (WSJ)

Why are so many Americans forgoing new vehicles?

Retailers Can't Keep Scammers Away from their Favorite Payment Form (Axios)

On the invincibility of gift cards.

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