Noah Brier | June 1, 2024

The Saturday Selection, Vol. 5

Property tax glitches, Facetune moms, and why you can't buy good sunscreen.

Every day, WITI’s group chats buzz with fresh links. As part of our new Saturday send for paid readers, we’re rounding up 11 of the best.

It’s WITI, on the weekend.

Why Are These Interesting?

Same iconic S.F. block, different property taxes. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Why does one pay $1,000 in property tax and another $44,000?

The FDA is blocking you from accessing the best sunscreen. (MSNBC)

Because European sunscreens can draw on more ingredients, they can protect better against skin cancer.

How the Guinness Brewery Invented the Most Important Statistical Method in Science (Scientific American)

The most common test of statistical significance originated in Dublin.

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