Noah Brier | May 25, 2024

The Saturday Selection, Vol. 4

Your grocery store vs. Ozempic, the fall of Hodinkee, and mystery vending machines.

Every day, WITI’s group chats buzz with fresh links. As part of our new Saturday send for paid readers, we’re rounding up 11 of the best.

It’s WITI, on the weekend.

Why Are These Interesting?

The next food marketing blitz is aimed at people on new weight-loss drugs (Ars Technica)

Nestlé, WeightWatchers, and Daily Harvest are already rolling out their latest.

Ozempic Patients Need an Off Ramp (The Atlantic)

Speaking of.

Chef Francis Mallman Believes ‘True Life Starts at 60’ (Financial Times)

And “really dislikes” podcasts.

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