Noah Brier | May 11, 2024

The Saturday Selection, Vol. 2

On hating Workday, Michelin soft power, and lotter

Every day, WITI’s group chats buzz with fresh links. As part of our new Saturday send for paid subs—we’re rounding up 11 of the best. (We won’t keep sending this to all on Saturday’s, but as we get going with this new format we wanted to encourage everyone to subscribe.)

It’s WITI, on the weekend.

Why Are These Interesting?

Apple’s pack-in logo stickers are going away (Ars Technica)

They go back at least as far as 1977.

Inside Golf’s wealth wars (New Statesman)

The influx of cash that came with the breakaway LIV series exposed the fault lines that run through all professional sport.

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