Noah Brier | October 5, 2022

The Paid Subscriber Edition

On WITI, subscriptions, and some new experiments

Hi all, we are interrupting our regular programming for a promotional message. We are going to be moving our Wednesday edition to be Subscriber only. We’re doing this because we have some new ideas of fun stuff to do with WITI, but part of that is going to require expanding the community. So if you enjoy what we do, please consider becoming a paid subscriber.

As part of our new subscriber push, we’re also opening up a subscriber-only Discord. An email already went out to subscribers with details on how to get there and get yourself verified, and we hope that can become both a worthwhile space for engagement and also a platform where we can do some other fun stuff (like interviews, conversations, and so on). 

We’re now 3.5 years into this thing with almost 1,000 editions under our belt, and it’s time to try some new things. Thanks for riding along with us on this journey, we appreciate your time and attention.

- Noah (NRB) & Colin (CJN)

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