Noah Brier | September 2, 2022

The New Key Art Edition

On streaming, visuals, and storytelling

Rex Sorgatz (RS), who wrote the very popular Key Art Edition, says he still collects his favorite key art, and recently posted a new set of imagery to our WITI Contributor’s Slack. We are posting his picks for an easy-viewing Friday edition. “If anyone in fine art book publishing reads this,” he says, “please let them know I am available to edit the Taschen Collection of Key Art.”

WITI x McKinsey:

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Does ESG really matter—and why? Organizations across geographies and industries have committed to making the acronym—which stands for environmental, social, and governance—a core part of their business models. But what are the value and strategic rationale of ESG for companies? A new article explores how ESG considerations can help future-proof companies.

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