Noah Brier | October 28, 2022

The Friday Recommends Edition

On shaving cream, boots, and magnetic hooks

Recommended Products

Travel tote
Travel tote

Durable and stylish travel tote bag designed by Porter in collaboration with Monocle.

Proraso Refreshing Shaving Cream for Men
Proraso Refreshing Shaving Cream for Men

An old Italian brand shaving cream with a menthol aroma, available in a tube.


A simple app for Mac that allows setting a Block or Allow list for a period of time to avoid distractions.

Rancourt Acadia Chukka Redux Boots

High-quality Chukka boots made by Maine-based family business, Rancourt.

Nike Air Huarache Men's Shoes
Nike Air Huarache Men's Shoes

Lightweight and comfortable sneakers with a streetwear/futuristic style, available in various colorways.

Nike Air Huarache Premium Men's Shoes
Nike Air Huarache Premium Men's Shoes

Sneakers blending streetwear style with comfort, known for being extremely light and available in various colorways.

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you a Friday Recommends edition with some new finds and old favorites (we also sent out a call for ideas on WITI Subscriber Discord). We’ll be back to our regular schedule on Monday. - Noah & Colin

Proraso Shaving Cream

If you know me at all, it’s doubtful that shaving is the first thing you think of. I’ve spent most of the last decade at least stubbly and at most with a full beard. That said, I recently rediscovered Proraso Shaving Cream, and I’m back to clean-shaven. It’s an old Italian brand I first ran into when I did a short stint trying to shave with one of those old razors and a badger hair brush. I had a tub of Proraso, and it was by far the best part. It’s got a wonderful menthol aroma, and you only need a little dab of it. You can now buy it in a tube, and just a little goes a long way. $9.50 @ Amazon (NRB)

Self Control App

If you are like basically everyone else, there are times you need to focus and find the internet to be a distraction. Self Control is a simple app for Mac that lets you set a Block or Allow list and turn it on for a period of time. In that window, you can’t change your mind, and everything will stay in that state until the timer expires. Free @ (NRB)

Porter x Monocle Travel Tote

Gotta love an indestructible tote that also slides nicely onto your roller bag. For those that don’t know, Porter is a deep cut Japanese brand that works with good materials and lasts forever. Monocle regularly does collaborations with them. £350 @ Monocle Shop (CJN)

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Rancourt Acadia Chukka Redux Boots

Michael Williams recently tipped these boots in his excellent ACL newsletter. Rancourt is a Maine-based, family owned business that makes incredible footwear. I’ve owned several pairs and not only are they well made, but they will restore them (for a fee), when you wear them down. This pair of Chukkas are great. $325 @ Rancourt & Co. (CJN)

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Hooks

I bought a set of a close approximation of these hooks years ago and ended up using them all over the place. Then I couldn’t find them anymore at Amazon and have finally tracked down a good replacement. We hang our keys on our door (thankfully metal), our leash on the frame, and lots of random stuff on the fridge. They have a 22lb capacity, so they’re pretty strong. $6.95 for 10 @ Amazon (NRB)

Nike Air Huarache

Living in New York City, there’s a tension between “form” and “function” with respect to sneakers. I’m by no means a sneakerhead, but after living in the city for seven years, I’ve burned through a lot of shoes while walking for my primary mode of transportation. All of the usual suspects (Vans, Stan Smith, Nike Killshot, Nike Airforce 1’s, Allbirds) have been in my lineup at one point or another, but the Nike Huarache is the first shoe I’ve bought that looks cool (streetwear/futuristic style) but focuses primarily on comfort. They’re extremely light and available in a variety of colorways. $79-$125 @ (TH)

Nike Air Huarache Men's Shoes

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