Noah Brier | March 21, 2022

The Executive Edition 3/20/33

On Tetris, F1 and Brunello Cucinelli

Tetris Techniques

Noah here. This fun 2007 story about Tetris records was making the rounds this week. Since then a lot has changed in the world of Tetris (something I only know because of random YouTube rabbit holes). I’m definitely no expert, but it seems like the big shift has come from different ways of holding the controller.The two primary methods are DAS—where as far as I can tell you hold the controller the normal way and rely on the game’s programming to repeat left/right moves. NES Tetris apparently has a low repeat rate, so this style of play ended up mostly usurped.

It was overtaken by a method called hypertapping, where you use your fingers instead of your thumb. This lets you tap at a much higher rate—meaning hypertappers can move pieces side-to-side way faster than DASers.

But now a new approach has emerged called rolling. To do this you leave your fingers on the direction pad and tap the bottom of the controller into your fingers. It’s … crazy?

Here’s a nine minute video explaining the whole thing. And a second, deeper dive. (NRB)

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