Noah Brier | December 9, 2022

The AI-Generated Children's Book Edition

On large language models, creativity, and tomato juice

Noah here. Like many, I’ve been playing A LOT with all these AI tools. I’ve got some very fun stuff to share soon (subscribers got a sneak peek last week on WITI Subscriber’s Discord), but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to show off a little project I did with my daughter this week. We started by having GPT3 write a title for a story about her. From there, she added some details about twists and turns (pineapples! tomato juice! dragons!), and the AI got to work writing it up.

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Prompts looked like this:

Continue this story when Fiona and the pineapple wizard are walking, and the wizard is explaining what Fiona needs to break the curse, like watermelon, sushi, sashimi, and some ocean water. But as he's explaining, a dragon comes and takes him away. As he's being taken away he screams, "don't forget the tomato juice!" 

After that was finished, I headed over to Midjourney for illustrations. Using some images from PromptHero as inspiration, we got started illustrating each page.

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Take a look:

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