Noah Brier | August 25, 2023

Summer Friday Link Dump Edition

On bees, returns, and noise.

Noah here. We are taking another Summer Friday and sending off the week with a collection of links. Leave your own favorites in the comments. 

Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

  • How to Navigate an Italian Autogrill (NRB)

  • Almost definitely a WITI in this one: The Beekeepers Who Don’t Want You to Buy More Bees. This bit about “hivewashing” might have been my favorite: “Hives are now getting installed at what beekeeping association leaders say is a record pace. As with the B&B Hotel, they are typically motivated by an impulse to do something positive for the environment that is also highly visible - an apiary form of greenwashing. (Hivewashing?)” (NRB)

  • For all the hype about the New Yorker Elon profile, I found this recent piece a whole lot more interesting: What Happens to All the Stuff We Return? (NRB)

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