Noah Brier | February 10, 2023

Friday Selects with Chris Black

Photos from London and Stockholm

Chris Black (CB) is a friend of WITI. His podcast with Jason Stewart (MMD here), How Long Gone, is a favorite and just had a great Guardian profile.

We asked him to share some film photos from recent travels. In his words: “We did a few How Long Gone shows in London, one at 5 Carlos Place in Mayfair with Alexa and one at Moth Club in Hackney with Issy. We stayed at The Standard and went to St. John, Claridge's, Elliot's, Rita's, and Tesco. Then I was off to Stockholm, where I stayed at Nobis and went to Cafe Nizza, 800 Grader, Stora Bageriet, and Bord. I met some new friends doing great stuff: Ettresex, All Blues, Saman Amel, and Our Legacy. The sun was out most of the time, and I wasn't ready to leave.

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