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Vector & SVG Maker - Assembly

Vector & SVG Maker - Assembly

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23 NOV 2020

Matthew Dear

Why is this interesting? The Monday Media Diet with Matthew Dear

An app called Assembly, praised for its ability to easily generate and modify original content in high resolution for creative assets.

Mobilize your creativity with approachable tools and professional output. Create finished vector art or use as a sketchbook. Import and export SVGs with desktop apps!Create logos, icons, illustrations, and more using powerful, easy to use features usually only found in professional desktop software. Assembly is the revolutionary vector design tool that lets you imagine and produce quality work in half the time.Skip the sketch book and rough out designs by quickly combining predesigned elements. From basic primitives to ornate illustrations, cut, combine and intersect shapes creating complex groups of graphics. Dive a layer deeper to manipulate your designs further with the powerful point editing system using industry standard bezier curves.Get professional results using powerful tools found in high-end graphic design suites. Design quickly and easily using a simple interface that provides only the features you need as you need them. Output in high resolution JPG and PNG as well as popular vector formats SVG and PDF.Powerful yet intuitive, Assembly is the perfect creative tool. Simple professional vector design for artists of any background or skill level. Just the tools you need without all the bloat you don’t. Design anything, anywhere.

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