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u-test Ultrasonic Cleaning Indicators - 48 Pack

u-test Ultrasonic Cleaning Indicators - 48 Pack

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14 APR 2020

Reilly Brennan

Why is this interesting? - The Designing Clean Edition

Color indicators that confirm the cleaning efficacy of an ultrasonic bath.

maxill u-test Ultrasonic Cleaning Indicators have been engineered to simulate various contaminants with different wash-off characteristics and are used to monitor the cleaning efficacy inside the ultrasonic bath. Compliance for peace of mind - Monitor and log the efficacy of your ultrasonic cycle. Easy to use, economical & safe - Synthetic test soils simulate the blood and tissue found on instruments to provide cost effective monitoring that doesn't require special disposal. Monitor the entire bath - The cleaning efficacy can be tested in all the three dimensions of the volume using the special holders. Holders are sold separately.

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