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Reid Miles & Andy Warhol’s Mother: The Story Of Moondog, Prestige Records 7099 (1957)

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10 FEB 2022

Matt Locke

The Warhol Album Cover Edition

A 1957 Prestige album by the blind, avant-garde street musician Moondog. The cover, entirely handed over to Warhol's mother's flowing, looping script, features text literally telling the story of Moondog. Finished by Reid Miles with alternating vivid greens and blues.

In 1957 Reid Miles did the design for The Story Of Moondog, an album by the blind avant-garde musician and street poet and performer Louis Hardin, also known as Moondog. The album cover was completed with a poem about Moondog by Stewart Preston, in Julia Warhola’s handwriting. Warhol’s mother was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Art Director’s Club of New York for her work on this cover. The cover design has her handwriting filled completely, which was cut, rearranged, and pasted by Andy Warhol to make it coherent. This collaboration resulted in an award, listed as "Andy Warhol’s Mother".

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