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Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy

Mondays at The Enfield Tennis Academy

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08 NOV 2023

Graydon Gordian

The Alternative Jazz Edition

Parker’s album features an interplay between guitarist Jeff Parker, bassist Anna Butterss, saxophonist Josh Johnson, and drummer Jay Bellerose. It is favored highly by the author and is not available on any streaming platform, making it a unique find.

A darkly glowing séance of an album brimming over with the hypnotic, the melodic, & patience & grace in its own beautiful strangeness. Recorded live at ETA, a bar in LA’s Highland Park neighborhood, it's Jeff Parker's first double album & first live album, capturing the essence of live creative improvisation with a sound world unique to Jeff Parker. Involving musicians Jay Bellerose, Anna Butterss, and Josh Johnson, the record synthesizes jazz and hip-hop with an appealingly light touch, laying out long-form spiritual jazz, knotty melodies, and effortless solos over a slow-moving foundation.

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