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Letter Carrier LLV 3D Printed Cupholder

Letter Carrier LLV 3D Printed Cupholder

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30 OCT 2020

Reilly Brennan

Why is this interesting? - The Postal Truck Edition

A custom-designed cupholder for letter carriers, suitable for LLV vehicles.

USPS Carrier who has designed and creates using a 3D printer. I create a multipurpose holder, single and dual cupholder. They all come standard with a metal clip back, but the dual cupholder and Oversize Cupholder has 2. All cupholders but the oversize Cupholder have a diameter of 3" and is 3" deep. The Oversize Cupholder is the perfect size for bigger diameter drinks. It is 4" in diameter instead of 3". It can fit Yeti Tumbler and Body Armours. But don't worry. It comes with an insert that is easily removable. With the insert in you don't have to worry about your cans sliding around.

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