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Late Fame

Late Fame

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15 FEB 2021

Caitlin Thompson

The Monday Media Diet with Caitlin Thompson of Racquet Magazine

A novella that tells the story of an elderly civil servant whose literary talents are belatedly recognized by the younger generation.

Winner of the Newbery Honor: the delightful tale of a wandering good samaritan dog, by the author of Shrek! Dominic has decided it is time for a change. So he packs up his hats and his piccolo, and sets off into the unknown. But no sooner does he feel the air on his snout and the grass beneath his paws, than disaster strikes: he encounters the dreaded Doomsday Gang. But Dominic is not one to complain – and nor is he one to lose a fight. As legend of his victory over the villains spreads, more and more creatures turn to him for help: a 158-year-old turtle, a heartbroken wild boar, and a family of grateful geese all encounter Dominic’s heroism and generosity. But his trials are far from over: the Doomsday Gang is alive and kicking, and how can one young dog face a mob of hooligans alone? 'Steig’s books are like perfect smooth stones, complete in themselves, with no seams to be found… he always has the skill to bring together what seems to be a lot of spur-of-the-moment choices and make them into stories that land so perfectly and satisfyingly and feel so inevitable in their endings' – Jon Klassen, author of This Is Not My Hat

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