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Dutchman and The Slave: Two Plays

Dutchman and The Slave: Two Plays

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25 OCT 2021

Alex Freedman

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A two-act play by Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) about a white woman who murders a black man on the New York subway after he refuses her seductions, using the subway as a metaphor to address a lineage of Karens and the ghost ship myth of the ‘Flying Dutchman’.

"Dutchman and The Slave: Two Plays" by LeRoi Jones is a collection featuring two plays centered on the Negro-white conflict. The plays are both shocking and edgy in ideas, language, and honest anger. They illuminate as with a flash of lightning a deadly serious problem and bring an eloquent and exceptionally powerful voice to the American theatre. "Dutchman" opened in New York City on March 24, 1964, to perhaps the most excited acclaim ever accorded an off-Broadway production and shortly thereafter received the Village Voice's Obie Award. "The Slave", produced off-Broadway the following fall, continues to be the subject of heated critical controversy.

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