Lindsay Tuchman | June 27, 2022

The Monday Media Diet with Lindsay Tuchman

On local news, Galaxy Brain, and the power of FlightRadar

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Sea of Tranquility

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Alone With You in the Ether

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Book Lovers

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Lindsay Tuchman (LT) is journalist and anchor, as well as a longtime WITI reader and recent Atlanta transplant. We’re happy to have her on the page today. -Colin (CJN)

Tell us about yourself:

I am an anchor at Newsy, a national streaming/over the air network. I relocated to Atlanta for the network's relaunch this past Fall after working for five years as a field reporter at NY1 in New York City where I covered, most recently, all things Covid. Before that, I was a reporter and anchor at CBS affiliate WBOC on the Eastern Shore of Maryland/Delaware/Virginia (aka Delmarva). Support local news!! Despite being a self-described news junkie, I do like to turn my brain off and spend endless hours on a beach or at a winery.

Describe your media diet:

What media I consume depends on the day. I anchor a morning show so those days I wake up at 3:30am and immediately check my email which contains a packet for all the day's segments I need to prep for. I then will check Twitter and see if anything crazy happened while I was asleep. On days where I have more time though, I still start with Twitter but then hop on my laptop with some espresso and read all the newsletters I subscribe to. That includes this one of course, as well as Charlie Warzel's Galaxy Brain, Anne Helen Petersen's Culture Study, Haley Nahman's Maybe Baby, Perfectly Imperfect, Today in Tabs, the Atlantic's daily newsletter, Axios Atlanta,, Mas Vino Please and several more I can't even remember right now. To top it all off, I read the NYTimes every morning online and then the actual print version on weekends cover to cover. And of course, I watch my own network for all my TV news! I also am obsessed with Dax Shepard and Monica Padman's podcast "Armchair Expert."

What’s the last great book you read?:

I read mostly fiction novels and I read them very fast (thanks to Libby). I recently read two very wonderful books so I'll have to say them both. First is Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel. I am 50% sure we live in a simulation, honestly maybe 70% sure, so any story that ties together the sim theory + time travel + future dystopia I'm in. I highly recommend it. The second book is Alone with You in the Ether by Olivie Blake. It's an engrossing love story described as "an intimate and contemporary study of time, space, and the nature of love." Sigh.

What are you reading now?:

I just started Book Lovers by Emily Henry which I was told by the bookstore employee I bought it from is a great novel for book lovers. Meta.

What’s your reading strategy when you pick up a print copy of your favorite publication?:

I still subscribe to print versions of fashion and travel magazines and I will always read/skim every page front to back. Nothing beats reading a Vogue poolside with a bag of potato chips. 

Who should everyone be reading that they’re not?:

Am I allowed to say something people should be *watching? If so, Newsy (duh). We are actually the only FREE 24-hour streaming/over the air network and have journalists across the country and world. I joined the company because I recognized that very few of my friends had cable anymore and I wanted to find a way to give folks all the top headlines + the untold stories that don't always fit on a cable show. My show Morning Rush (with coanchors Alex Livingston, Rob Nelson & Jay Strubberg) is on weekdays 7-11amET but all of our shows have really incredible wide-reaching, intersectional coverage and analysis.

What is the best non-famous app you love on your phone?:

FlightRadar24 100%. I live under one of ATL's flight paths and love sitting on my balcony and seeing where planes are going or how big they are. I also stalk my friend's and family's flights.

Plane or train?:

Plane obviously. I'm very restless and love to travel even for just a few days. I finally joined the Delta SkyClub this year and it's made my travel experience quite a bit more pleasant.

What is one place everyone should visit?:

The North Fork of Long Island. A lot of my family is from out there and it's a more lowkey and relaxed beach experience compared to the Hamptons. The best part is the dozens of wineries that comprise what's known as the North Fork Wine Trail. The region produces really unique and beautiful vintages due to the maritime weather and sandy soil. The wine industry is rapidly being impacted by climate change so I always recommend supporting sustainably farmed vineyards, for instance One Woman Winery.

Tell us the story of a rabbit hole you fell deep into:

Let’s just say I have had to impose a one-hour limit on TikTok on my phone. (LT)

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