Zachary Weiss

Zachary Weiss

Zachary Weiss is a Manhattan-based brand consultant and writer with multifaceted roles at Nice Laundry and Outerspace, involving PR, product design, copywriting, and photo production. He began his writing career with The New York Observer’s “Shindigger” column and now contributes to, Ralph Lauren’s RL Mag, among others. Weiss also designs, including a successful capsule collection of slippers with Stubbs & Wootton. His interests include fashion, food reviews, and various forms of media, highlighting a diverse and dynamic career in both brand development and writing.



10 APR 2024
The J. Peterman Edition

On cinematic universes, Seinfeld, and physical catalogs.

03 APR 2023
The Monday Media Diet with Zachary Weiss

On the Post, HiNote, and capybaras

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