Mark Slavonia

Mark Slavonia

Mark Slavonia is an investor, a pilot, and an avid cyclist. He has contributed articles on a range of topics including radio altimeters, rowing machines, traveler's checks, and more. Besides his contributions, he shares interesting content on his website and Twitter.


05 NOV 2020
Concept2 RowErg
Concept2 RowErg

A durable and widely-used indoor rowing machine made by a family-owned company in Vermont. Known for its quality, reliability, and standardization, it remains popular among serious rowers and fitness enthusiasts.

23 JUN 2022
23 JUN 2022
Fruit Cocktail Tree
Fruit Cocktail Tree

A graft-derived fantastical fruit tree that can produce several different types of fruit.

01 OCT 2021
A Sunday in Hell (1976)
A Sunday in Hell (1976)

The excellent 1976 documentary available on Youtube, featuring a famous scene of the riders in the Roubaix showers.


16 APR 2024
The Artificial Water Ski Lakes Edition

On playing God, views from above, and clusters.

26 MAR 2024
The Paternoster Elevators Edition

On endless loops, historical oddities, and prayer beads.

09 NOV 2023
The Ferguson Tree Edition

On Hyperion, William Ferguson, and the Nooksack Giant

19 SEP 2023
The Vuelta a España Edition

On racing, teamwork, and social media backlash.

17 MAR 2023
Why is San Francisco Interesting (before 9:00 a.m.?)

On Larkspur, Equator, and Devil's Teeth

03 MAR 2023
The Concept 2 Edition

On durability, family owned businesses, and fitness

28 DEC 2022
The World's Most Dangerous Toy Edition

On fun, danger, and 70s airplane toys

20 DEC 2022
20 SEP 2022
The Transit Card Naming Edition

On payments, innovation, and cities

23 JUN 2022
The Seedless Fruit Edition

On mutation, grafting, and botanical breakthroughs

10 MAY 2022
The Concept 2 Edition

On quality, fitness tech, and the best rowing machine in the world

25 JAN 2022
The 5G Interference Edition

On data, networks, and reliability

21 DEC 2021
The Figured Bass Edition

On shared codes, shorthand, and reductionism

01 OCT 2021
The Paris Roubaix Edition

On cycling, Marianne Vos, and grit

02 SEP 2021
The Wide World of Sports Edition

On broadcast, Olympics, and the thrill of victory

25 JUN 2021
The Proto-Ambassador Edition

On home improvement, Bob Vila, and commercialization

13 APR 2021
The Travelers Cheque Edition

On travel, analog relics, and business

05 NOV 2020
Why is this interesting? - The Concept 2 Edition

On quality, fitness tech, and the best rowing machine in the world

28 JUL 2020
Why is this interesting? - The Everesting Edition

On Mt Everest, cycling, and taking hill climbing to new extremes

16 APR 2020
Why is this interesting? - The Home Ballet Edition

On dance, quarantine, and the re-making of traditions

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